About Me

Hi, I’m Vanessa Naive, and yes, this is another 20 something blog, and my headline basically says everything you need to know about me.  Oh, except that I’m based out of beautiful Bozeman, MT.  I have a thing for not-quite-alliteration as you can tell.

I’m 22 years old, almost a year graduated from Montana State University’s School of Film and Photography, and currently work as a production coordinator for upcoming documentary feature, Unbranded.  As I solidify myself more and more in the real world, I’m starting to explore the nuances of myself through honing my skills as a filmmaker, exploring feminist viewpoints, expressing myself through fashion/makeup, and attempting to cook (because I can’t be the only person that attempts food-blog worthy recipes and end up freaking my boyfriend out or burning parchment paper in the oven…right?  …Right?)

Oh, there’s also always a lyric for everything.


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